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Back in 1968, our dad, Dick Kuras, who loves to eat, expressed frustration that plain old table salt wasn’t doing enough to bring out the true zest and flavor of his food.  He felt that the salt needed “something extra” to truly enhance the taste of his meal.  So, he pulled out a bowl and blender and began to mix salt, fresh garlic cloves, and various other spices. 


Dad worked for years to perfect the recipe for his special garlic salt, trying different variations on family and friends – until he got it right.  When he finally perfected his recipe, everyone knew Dad had something special because everything tasted better, from prime rib to burgers, pasta to pork chops.  Dad’s Garlic Salt® made everything taste special.


After years we (his sons: Rick, Bob & Dave) moved out and took Dad’s Garlic Salt® with us.  We, like our father, would have barbecues and cookouts.  Our friends compliment us on how we prepared the food.  Our response was always “with our Dad’s Garlic Salt®”.  The salt pretty much named itself.  Friends often greet us with, “Hey, can I get some of your Dad’s Garlic Salt®”. 







After years of bringing it to work, shipping it across country and hearing people say, “this is great, you should sell this stuff”, we are finally offering the Dad’s Garlic Salt® line for sale.   We want to show everyone how to make a good meal great, with all the seasonings needed in just one jar.


In addition to Dad’s Original Garlic Salt®, we are pleased to introduce our Dad’s latest creations, Dad’s Italian Garlic Salt® and Dad’s Cajun Garlic Salt®.  And, yes, those recipes are secret, too!)


We’ve come a long way from when Dad mixed his first bowl of special garlic salt in Mom’s kitchen.  The recipes have been taste tested and perfected.  And now, everyone can enjoy the tremendous flavor-enhancing garlic salts that were born back in 1968.


                   Rick, Bob and Dave Kuras                     

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